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XM/Sirius and RNS-E

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Ok, it looks like getting XM/Sirius to work requires an upgraded sat receiver:

Sirius for Symphony II/Concert II:
Part No. 8E0 057 593
XM for Symphony II/Concert II:
Part No. 8E0 057 593A
Sirius for RNS-E and/or with tire pressure monitoring system:
Part No. 8E0 057 593D
XM for RNS-E and/or with tire pressure monitoring system:
Part No. 8E0 057 593E

Since audio is possible with the US unit and the older sat receivers, I would guess that the CAN commands have changed to allow more devices (e.g. the TPMS) on the bus.

So, for the US unit ("E" and "R" units), installing the "D" or "E" sat receiver should enable sat radio (maybe you can sell your sat enabled radio together with the receiver :wink: to get funding for the RNS-E upgrade).

The EU unit ("C" and "P" units) does not even see the sat receiver and has no option to select either XM or Sirius. So if you want to use sat radio, don't choose the EU unit.

From the 2005 Accessories catalogue:

EDIT: Loading the US software on a Euro RNS-E will allow the use of a second generation SAT receiver even with a Euro RNS-E. See quick links for details about how to load the US software on a Euro RNS-E.
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The car is the current body style with MMI...I think a C6 platform.. so thanks for the help!! Any idea what specific part number i need for either Xm or Sirius? I am in Canada if that makes a difference..
So, can someone confirm I need to swap the CAN connector as in the DYI satellite install guide?

I have a 2005.5 A4 prewired for satellite. My car came with the RNS-E from factory and I only added the BT.

The install would be so much easier if I didnt have to change the CAN connector.

Do I have to VAG the RNS-E to recognize the satellite receiver?
I have a Sirius module 8E0 035 593 L - from the matrix I have that Audi published - it says this module has a Single Arm Antenna Connection - where as all the XM modules have Dual Arm.

I can assume from this that there is no XM module that will work. Can anyone with technical knowledge confirm??

Also I can scan this Audi Receiver Matrix and send it to someone if they want to host it here.
You can send me that matrix and I will post the information in the parts list. A couple people have been successful in using an antenna splitter to convert single FAKRA to dual FAKRA for the newer SAT receivers. Search for FAKRA and there should be a couple topics coming up.
YGM - I did a search but did not find a link. I did email Kufatec
Part numbers list updated, also added VINs to show when single FAKRA connectors started to get used in the various models.
Please don't flame me , I searched and am confused. All I want to do is purchase a sat radio module so I can have sat radio on my RNS-E that I installed in my 2001 B5 S4 audi with bose speakers and multimedia and DVD player. Any help would be appreciated. What I came up with so far is that I need module #4B0035192P ??? I will buy what ever is needed from any one. Thanks for your time.
silver streak said:
What I came up with so far is that I need module #4B0035192P ???
Please go back and read the Part Number Quick Link that you will find at the top of the RNS-E forum.

The part number you quote is for a C5 A6 RNS-E and NOT a sat tuner....
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