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XM/Sirius and RNS-E

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Ok, it looks like getting XM/Sirius to work requires an upgraded sat receiver:

Sirius for Symphony II/Concert II:
Part No. 8E0 057 593
XM for Symphony II/Concert II:
Part No. 8E0 057 593A
Sirius for RNS-E and/or with tire pressure monitoring system:
Part No. 8E0 057 593D
XM for RNS-E and/or with tire pressure monitoring system:
Part No. 8E0 057 593E

Since audio is possible with the US unit and the older sat receivers, I would guess that the CAN commands have changed to allow more devices (e.g. the TPMS) on the bus.

So, for the US unit ("E" and "R" units), installing the "D" or "E" sat receiver should enable sat radio (maybe you can sell your sat enabled radio together with the receiver :wink: to get funding for the RNS-E upgrade).

The EU unit ("C" and "P" units) does not even see the sat receiver and has no option to select either XM or Sirius. So if you want to use sat radio, don't choose the EU unit.

From the 2005 Accessories catalogue:

EDIT: Loading the US software on a Euro RNS-E will allow the use of a second generation SAT receiver even with a Euro RNS-E. See quick links for details about how to load the US software on a Euro RNS-E.
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Better sound from new XM receiver?


I read that the old XM tuners (8E0 035 593A) when hooked up to the US RNS-E - you get sound but can't change stations? When you installed the new XM tuner (8E0 057 593E) with the US RNS-E it works great but does not work with the old Symphany II unit?

With the new XM tuner and US RNS-E working correctly do you get better sound??? Currently the XM tuner with the Symphany II sounds like crap! - muddy, lower volume, no clear highs, muddy mid and bass.

I just got my new XM tuner (part# 8E0 057 593E) to work with the US RNS-E. It was $450 from Clair but I have XM again! It sounds much, much better than the old XM in the Symphony II headunit!

I had the part# 8E0 035 593A (old part) connected to the RNS-E but only heard one channel and could not change it as noted by others in this forum.

I have not tried either XM tuners in the Euro RNS. If there's anyone in Minnesota with the Euro RNS and want to test it let me know.

Congrats! Installation was pretty easy. The XM module is behind the plastic storage area in the driver's side trunk. Here are the steps since I just did it 30 minutes ago it's fresh in my memory:

1. Take out the spare tire cover in the trunk
2. Take out the spare tire
3. Remove the 2x10mm nuts holding the plastic cover over the trunk latch. (you'll see these nuts after removing the spare).
4. Pull upwards on the plastic cover over the trunk latch and remove this cover. There are 4 clips that hold it down. Also there is a wire connecting the light on this plastic panel. Unplug this to free up the plastic panel.
5. Remove the 2 chrome latches that anchor the cargo net on the driver side. Each of the chrome latch has 2 hex screws that keeps it down. Unscrew these screws and the latch comes off.
6. Pull the carpet panel outwards from the car (there are 3 clips around the rear bend).
7. There's a plastic clip that top part of this carpet panel. Pull down on the clip and then pull it out (it's a 2 piece clip). Now you will have access to that plastic storage box.
8. Unscrew 4x10mm nuts holding the box down.
9. Pull the storage box out and unplug the connectors behind the XM unit (4 connectors).
10. Push down on the 2 plastic clips that keep the XM unit in place and then slide it out.
11. Slide the new one in and plug everything back in and installation is reverse of the steps above.

Good luck!
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I ordered mine from Clair. The new XM tuner (part# 8E0 057 593E) will work with the US RNS-E. I paid $450. The 593-A is not for the RNS-E.

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