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XM receiver, 1st to 2nd generation upgrade

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After having the US software loaded on my Euro RNS-E I still had to do one more upgrade, getting XM back working. So I ordered the "E" receiver 3 weeks ago after my local Audi dealer told me that there is currently a promotion and I could get it for $350 + tax from him. It took 3 weeks because it was on backorder but it looks like it's available now in quantities and the price is still $350.

So, I read the retrofit on AudiWorld an it looked really easy. The only issue I ran into: I have an Avant and to get to the receiver you have to dismantle half of your car. Which genius put the receiver from the back in this little plastic housing? Anyway, it took me about an hour and I managed to get the old one out and the new one in without removing the rear seats and causing any damage. Went online, activated the receiver and half an hour later I had all the channels on my Euro RNS-E.

Looking at the old and new receiver I saw that the old one had firmware 010 loaded while the new one comes with 080. I bet there is somewhere in Audiland a CD the dealer could use to upgrade the software on the old receiver to make it work with the RNS-E. Oh well, to late now...

Sorry, no pictures, I just wanted to share :lol:
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How to not hate dealeships....I paid $500 for mine :evil:
Hey, hey, it's allways cheaper to not be the first :lol:
I just paid $326 for my 8E0 057 593D Sirius Tuner. It should be here tomorrow or Friday!
Dirk et all,
Thanks again for being the pioneers in this space. Sounds like the OEM SAT tuner works OK with the Euro unit - that's good.

Any update on usability, quirks etc with regards to the Euro RNS-E? Is it pretty seemless?

Thanks guys!!
TeddyBGame said:
Any update on usability, quirks etc with regards to the Euro RNS-E? Is it pretty seemless?
I haven't seen any difference yet comparing my US "E" unit and the EU "C" unit flashed with the US software. OK, my AM is currently messed up but others reported AM being fine after the software update so I guess that's OK. But XM/FM and the navigation with the US DVD is 100% US spec now.
Awesome!!! I've got to start saving my pennies for an RNS-E to purchase sometime in 2006 (no rush though).
Just one picture showing the Euro RNS-E flashed with the US 0020 software and controlling a 2nd generation XM receiver.

I can't wait to get my Sirius installed! I've got everything except for the T8s, & T8r plugs. I've also got my custom cable to make once it comes in tomorrow and then I'll have everything I need.
i'm salivating.....

...can't wait to get mine installed....can't wait...can't wait....can't wait!!!!
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