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Hello Audi friends,

My xenon headlights on Audi A4 B8 end 2014 were not centered correctly. I bought the specific screwdriver to manually orient them as desired.
The xenon headlights worked fine during a couple days, until I got headlight dip error on the right headlight. It would occasionally work on/off. About 5 five days later, the left one started giving me the same error, and both would turn on, and occasionally on/off at it's own pace.
I brought the car (still under 5 year warranty) for the Audi dealership to fix, they said that the warranty on the xenon headlights is only for 3 years, and it is counted as maintenance usage, hence not free to fix under warranty.
To no surprise, the dealership stated that they both have to be replaced for an astounding price and could not be purchased elsewhere or else the dealership will not install them.
My car has been running for 50,000 KM, making it stil somewhat new hence not using the xenon lights for such a long period of time.
Would the xenon have tired out already?
What would you suggest I do to fix this situation instead of purchasing new ones for a hefty price?
Thank you for your help!
- Hanzo
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