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WTB: RNS-E for us-spec 2003 S8

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hi all,
newbie here, finally got on board after some signup glitches.
i have emailed one or two people from the board re this subject, but i am still unsure..

can i get an rns-e that will fit my US-spec 2003 S8?

searches here and elsewhere haven't really given me a definitive answer.

has anyone successfully installed one in A8/S8?

admin, if the post is misplaced please move.

thanks in advance, john.
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is your '03 S8 a D2 or D3??.. you can not install an RNS-E in the D3s they use the MMI system from Harman/Becker and utilize MOST

if your dash looks like this

you must have a D2 and i believe the RNS-E will work in your car..

there is not a direct replacement, but i assume you would use the A6 version and modify the faceplate a bit..

you may want to check with craigby, looks like he has done it before..

good luck..
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the US install should be the same as the EU install -- so craigby would be the best one to ask (perhaps post questions in his original thread)..

it basically comes down to CAN-BUS.. if your speed signal is on CAN-BUS you will need the A3 or A4 unit.. if it is not, then you will need to find the speed signal (sometimes referred to GALA or VSS) and you will need an A6 RNS-E..

the DIS functionality comes down to the CAN as well.. if your D2 S8 has the CAN at the instrument cluster, you should be able to VAG-COM it to work..

sorry i do not know the finer details of a D2 S8, perhaps AUDIA4B6US or CRAIGBY knows..

the good thing is, it appears as though it will work..

good luck..
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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