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WTB: RNS-E for us-spec 2003 S8

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hi all,
newbie here, finally got on board after some signup glitches.
i have emailed one or two people from the board re this subject, but i am still unsure..

can i get an rns-e that will fit my US-spec 2003 S8?

searches here and elsewhere haven't really given me a definitive answer.

has anyone successfully installed one in A8/S8?

admin, if the post is misplaced please move.

thanks in advance, john.
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i have a D2.
fritzner yes thanks i see the pic and thread you attached from 'craigyb'. i have looked over some of his posts. he installed into UK-spec car. i was hoping someone would have installed one into US-spec a8.

i am confused about getting the A6 or A4 version. i thought the A4 faceplate fit my car. are there other differences?
can i get either version to link to the DIS? is there more than plug and play required for the A8/S8?
thanks , john.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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