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Would I catch more satellites in the Shark Fin?

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Just wondering if I could catch more satellites with the GPS Antenna in the shark fin then behind the instrument cluster?
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How many do you get now? I usually get about 4 downtown to 7-8 in the suburbs. AFAIK you never get more than 8 at a time and the navi needs 4 to know where exactly it is.
My antenna is behind the instrument cluster and I get 6-8 on the road. I even get 2-3 parked in my garage.

However, if I had a sharkfin or submarine installed OEM, then I would be using it instead even if it wasn't really better. That's just me, and I don't mind pulling apart trim in the car to run wires. The under-dash antenna is certainly less work in any case.
i installed a shark fin antenna and i always get 7-8 satellites but i will check and underground garage
audi1 said:
underground garage
It would be VERY surprising if you saw any satellites in an underground garage. That's too tough a test - GPS antennas need a clear view of the sky because the signals are very weak.
I got 3-4 with internal then 7-8 when i fitted the external sharkfin
I guess i should mount to Shark Fin, but should check with the GPS instrument cluster first.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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