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Wiring harness for Bluetooth module

1233 Views 2 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  BayrischerS4 I am getting ready to source all of the parts for my Bluetooth install in my 2005 S4 with US RNS-E (8E0 035 192 E with new 2A DVD).

The antenna and mic are pretty straightforward.

For the Bluetooth interface, I plan to use the 8P0 862 335 B (as PROXUS's write-up shows the 'B' as the US interface).

So that had me wondering: since an 8P0 prefix indicates an A3 part number...should I use the A3 wiring harness? Looking at the connections in the Kufatec photos on the euro-parts web page, the A3 and A4 cables *appear* identical (granted, that may mean nothing)...but they have different part numbers so something must be different. Is it the wiring of the interface plug?

So I sent an inquiry to euro-parts asking what harness I should be using for my application and what the difference was between the two. Lanny replied that he would contact Kufatec on this...and while he didn't explain the differences, he did later get back to me saying that I should be using the A3 harness in my application.

So it looks like you should use an A3 harness if you use an A3 Bluetooth interface...even if you're installing to an A4-based RNS-E system.

Which I guess makes sense...since any data exhanged between the Bluetooth interface and the RNS-E must be going over the CAN bus, right? Or am I looking at this totally bass-ackwards? :?: :?: :?:

And by the way, a special thanks to PROXUS for that great summary write-up and all the ground work he did on this!
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The A3 and A4 share the same interface but the OEM install location is different. Therefore I would say you should get the A4 harness, even though you may choose to install the interface not at the OEM location below the passenger seat. How I see it, the plugs are the same but the length of the wires is different. On the other hand, if Lanny says Kufatec said take the A3 harness even though you are installing in an A4, go for it.
The length of the harness is pretty much the same within a couple of inches. So there would be no problem with placement. The RNS-E connections are goin to be the same for the A4 or A3. The only real difference between the two harnesses is that the A3 harness has an extension cable for the Antenna within the entire harness so you can place the antenna away from the actual module and bring it forward closer to the RNS-E unit.

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