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Wiring diagram from CD Changer to RNS-E

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Has anyone got a wiring diagram showing the pins from glovebox mounted CD Changer to the RNS-E plug

I have an aftermarket lead (connects the rectangular plug on the rns-e to the cd-changer) but it makes the lights on the cd changer stay on and eventually flattens the car battery!

Interestingly enough it has two power wires coming out of the harness which i assumed needed connected to the power wires to the RNS-E. Are these needed and could this be the root of the problem?


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Make sure that your accessory power is not connected to U14R-1 or U14R-2. The correct pin for accessory power is U14 ST CDC.
i tried re wiring the power from U14R-1 to U14 ST CDC but now i get no power at all - Perhaps the lead i have is rubbish!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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