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I just saw this on Engadget and it got me thinking about a TV tuner for the RNS E (assuming it supports UHF) -
Princeton PCK-UAV UHF video / audio transmitter
Posted Aug 19th 2006 5:10PM by Darren Murph
Filed under: Peripherals, Portable Audio, Portable Video, Wireless
While it seems that there's just too many of those not-exactly-functional FM transmitters for your iPod / DAP-of-choice to ever actually decide on just one (and hope for the best), the market for transmitting video from your portable media player is bit more limited. Princeton has unveiled its video (and audio) transmitting solution, dubbed the PCK-UAV, to give 5G iPod owners, as well any other PMP -- or anything with RCA outs, actually -- the ability to transmit media wirelessly over the UHF band. If you're fortunate enough to rock a TV monitor (or four) in your ride, and you've got a built-in TV tuner somewhere in there as well, you can pipe your TV shows, movies, tunes, etc. to any connected display by tuning into one of the four UHF stations the PCK-UAV plays nice with; DIP switches on the unit allow for broadcasting to channels 45, 48, 50, and 53, and you can supposedly pick these up on a standard television as well, giving you an excellent reason to dust off those 'ole rabbit ears. Contrary to most poorly complemented Japanese products, Princeton includes some thoughtful extras here, such as a 12 volt car power adapter and apparently a video / audio connector cable made specifically for the iPod with video -- although we can't quite pick up solid deets concerning price or availability, nor how well this implementation of an in-car transmitter will actually, you know, transmit, it'll supposedly run you about ¥8,000 ($69) when it drops this month.
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