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will it work? A3 8L

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Hi to all! I have a Audi A3 from February 2001 with Audi Concert I and i'm trying to install Navi Plus on it...

It has this console:

I already have bought the double din support and the new Climatronic control...

Now my questions are:

I suppose my car doesn't work with CAN-BUS, so if I buy something like this

Will it work fine? What will doesn't work? When I put the lights of my car ON, will the Navi put its light on too? When I turn on or off the ignition, will the navi turn Off/On?

Please tell me what it could happen and for what shoul I be prepared...

Greetings! :wink:
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some quick answers (see the quicklinks post in this section for more details):

- looks like you have a digital instrument cluster; so if you have a 2001...then you probably have one that is CAN-enabled. If you buy a D-Navi (CD-based), then you can get Nav/Radio/CD info to the cluster....ONLY if you have a TMC/CAN gateway installed.

- As for illumination etc, the D-Navi (or C-Navi) Nav+ units did not use the CANbus for illumination, ignition etc. It still relies on the analog connections within the existing wiring behind your concert you are in good shape.

- as for the double-din you know, you will have to do some major work to reshuffle some of those dash components. Sounds like you already have that end of the install covered. Can you get a D-navi unit for an A3 or will you try to modify the faceplate of a C5 A6 unit?

Bottom-line: You should be in good shape to do this install. See the quicklinks for info TMC/CAN gateway, part#'s, etc...etc.

Good luck!!
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My car uses this:

and not this:

another thing that worries me, is that my A3 has 4 plugs, 2 black, one red and one brown and for what I have seen, D-based has only "room" for 3!

TeddyBGame said:
...Can you get a D-navi unit for an A3 or will you try to modify the faceplate of a C5 A6 unit?
as the Navi plus itself, I don't know what to do...

if I decide to buy the A3 unit it will be much more expensive than the A6 unit, because there are much less units for sale in ebay, for example... but if I buy the A6 unit and modify it I dont know if it will be a good idea cause it may not fit very well... :roll:

thank you! :)
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