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Why won't the LCD screen shut without a DVD or CD in the ROM

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I just picked up my RNS-E unit today. Got it installed and everythings working. But when I went to pull the Nav disc out to got make a backup copy. The LCD screen would not close and the motor kept running on the DVD ROM slot, like it was wanting a disc?

Is this normally what happens? I put in a CD Audio disc so I could close the screen and turn it off. It was like it was hungry for some disc's, so I fed it!
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Doesn't sound right. I can close mine with or with disk and either way the is no noise indicating that somehting is not right. Did you check with VAg-COM if there are any errors shown for the RNS-E?
Well I did a scan for the Navigation with the VAG and here's what it found:

VAG-COM Version: Release 504.1-UD

Control Module Part Number: 4B0 035 192 P
Component and/or Version: RNS-E BASIC EU H52 0100
Software Coding: 0509313
Work Shop Code: WSC 15875
2 Faults Found:
00857 - CD Changer Unit (R41)
004 - No Signal/Communication - Intermittent
02444 - Disk Drive Load / Eject Malfunction
000 - - - Intermittent
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The CD changer error is not critical but "02444 - Disk Drive Load / Eject Malfunction " doesn't sound good. Looks like the switch which tells the unit that its display is closed doesn't work right.

Channel 69 in STG56, adaptation 10 tells you what the RNS-E thinks the display is doing. Take a look at that when you open/close the display.

000 - Display closed
001 - Display open
200 - Display partly closed (stuck)
255 - undefined position

You may need to get back to the seller and tell him it's broken :(
Where is this at?

Channel 69 in STG56, adaptation 10

I know my way around the VAG pretty good but I don't see STG56?
56 (or 37) is the RNS-E, select adaptation (10) and then channel 69, the values should change as you open/close the display
That is exactly what my DVD unit does, and I keep it fed at all times with a disc. Mine had a small lever and spring fall out of the DVD player which I think is causing the unit to act that way. I have explored replacing the DVD drive or sending it to a repair shop, but it's a minor inconvenience at this point. When a DVD is in the drive, it seems to work just fine.
Well when I open the screen the count says "1" as its closing I get "255" and then it will go to "0" when the screen is closed with the Nav disc in.

With nothing in the DVD ROM, the screen will not close at all, and it just sits there and you can hear the motor running.

Now when I put in a Audi CD I get a display that says "Note, Please insert Navigation DVD". It will play the Radio, but it will not play the Audio CD, but it did play it earlier. Now it won't go off that screen with the Audio CD in. But as "mbrooks" says as long as the Nav Disc is in it works fine?
Sounds really strange. I haven't heard about something like this so far and the only reason I can think of why is asks for he navi DVD might be because it's in active route guidance? When you stop route guidance while the navi DVD is in, switch to CD and then swap the disks, does it work? Sorry for not having a better answer...
Now after I did a power off/on the Audio CD would play.
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