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Why consider adding the OEM Nav+ (or RNS-E)?

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Some of the criteria that I used when I took the "plunge" for a Nav+:

1) Does your job require you to drive your A6 for work-related travel?
2) Do you hate using MapQuest or some kind of internet-based map tool (thus using hardcopy print-outs while you drive)?
3) Do you hate pulling over to ask a gas station attendant for directions?
4) Do you hate fumbling around for maps in the car?
5) Have you ever had a fight with your spouse while giving each other driving directions etc?
6) Have you ever been stuck in traffic on a side road and not know how take certain side streets to get back on track?
7) Have you ever been driving down the highway in need of gas, and not knowing exactly how far off the exit the next gas station is?
8 ) Have you ever been driving to a destination and want to know exactly when you will arrive?
9) Have you ever been driving in an unknown town and need to find the closest shopping area, gas station, police station, hospital or restaurant?
10) Did you ever want to go on a road trip and not have to think about which highways or turns you need to take (and just listen to music or talk to your friends)?
11) Did you ever want to add an option (very easily) to your A6 that only those lucky Europeans were afforded?

If you've answered “yes†to at least 5 of these questions….I think the Nav+ (or RNS-E) is something you should consider.

I must be honest…the first time that I read through Dan Gold's Nav+ "How to" website…I was a bit overwhelmed. Upon reading through the installation section six or seven times, it became clear to me, the installation really isn't that difficult. Anyone that can do simple electrical "splicing" work can install this in a weekend. It just takes a bit of research and forethought. Hopefully, after reading my posts and seeing my’ll feel more comfortable with taking on this project.

Please note: I highly recommend reading through Dan’s site 3-4 times to understand every angle of this install process
There is also a wealth of knowledge in this website/userforum:

-Ted (aka: TeddyBGame)
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