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Why can't I recode my RNS-E

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Vag Com states "CAN: Not Ready"

I can open the controller and adaptation works, but recode does not.

I have Bose and a Multifunction Wheel in my car, buy my coding is pointing to something totaly different. This same coding has worked with my Sat and Phatbox as well.

I need to turn on Telephone support for Bluetooth, but VAG-COM does not save recode attempts. Any ideas? Maybe phone support, will work as well.

0?xxxxx: Model
1 - Audi A2
2 - Audi A3 (8P)
3 - Audi A4 (> 2004)
4 - Audi A4 Cabriolet (> 2004)
5 - Audi A6 (< 2004)
6 - Audi TT (> 2004)

0x?xxxx: Diagnostics
0 - activ
1 - inactiv

0xx?xxx: Sound characteristics
0 - linear
1 - Audi A4 (> 2004)
2 - Audi A6 (< 2004)
3 - Audi A4 Cabriolet (> 2004)
4 - Audi TT (> 2004)
5 - Audi A3 (8P)
9 - Bose Soundsystem

0xxx?xx: Telephone/telematics
1 - no telephone (supply voltage for microphone actively)
2 - Mobile phone preparation (Temic - Speisesp. Microphone inactively)
3 - Mobile phone preparation (Cullmann - Speisesp. Microphone inactively)
4 - Mobile phone preparation (Nokia - Speisesp. Microphone inactively)
5 - Telematics Europe (supply voltage microphone inactively)
6 - Telematics US (supply voltage microphone inactively)
7 - Base plate diagnostic capable with comfort control

0xxxx?x: Options I
1 - default
2 - Digital-Radio
3 - Satelite-Radio
4 - Satelite- and Digital-Radio

0xxxxx?: Options II
1 - default
2 - TV-Tuner
3 - CD-Changer
4 - TV-Tuner and CD-Changer
5 - Multifunction Steering Wheel
6 - TV-Tuner and Multifunction Steering Wheel
7 - CD-Changer and Multifunction Steering Wheel
8 - TV-Tuner, CD-Changer und Multifunction Steering Wheel
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Unless you have one of the Audi OEM phone interfaces you have to code 1 - no telephone. This is true even if you have a (non Audi) BT phone kit.

Although your Allroad has some devices on the CAN bus, for VAG-COM it's a non-CAN car because it doesn't have a CAN gateway. Only the A3 8P, A4 B7, A6 C6 and A8 D3 are CAN cars for VAG-COM. These cars require a CAN enabled VAG-COM cable to connect to certain devices. In any case, the RNS-E is not a CAN device, it gets ocnfigure via k-line.
I do have the Audi bluetooth module I want to hook up.

any ideas why I can't recode, even if it is over K-line?
Do you actually have the K-line wire on your loom? Of course you do - I'm a donkey.
What exactly did you try to recode? Your current coding looks fine, except for the last 2 digits (which shouldn't be zero but 1). Did you try to change your coding to 0502111 or 0512111. With a Phatbox and SAT connected, the correct coding should be 0512133. Did any of those codings work?

In my A4 B6 I tried to change the coding for the phone interface (without the inetrface actually being installed) and anything but 1 (no phone) and 6 (OnStar) was accepted. In your case you should be able to change anything but the 3rd last digit, which should remain 1 unless you have an Audi CAN enabled phone interface connected.
I've had that same problem! I have a B5 S4 and made a custom wiring harness to use both the OEM Sirius Tuner & the Audi Phatbox. When I went into coding it to change it to say that I have a Satellite Tuner, it wouldn't let me either!

But the Sirius satellite & Phatbox work fine the way its coded. I eventually gave up on it but it does work correctly. I think I was trying to code mine to something like: 0509333

It stays at the coding: 0509313
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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