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Hi guys,

After you read this please dont think I didnt read the quick links properly, as I did but I am still learning whats what.

The car will be as follows (hopefully anyway):

Audi A4 02 plate - UK model (European)

This is what I would like to fit to it:

All in one nav system which can:

Provide satellite navigation across at least the UK
Play normal Audio CD's
Play MP3's
Include a bluetooth unit (currently to work with a Motorola Razr V3)

Again I said I have looked around but still finding this slightly confusing and I am also worried that although I am technically minded I might shag the car up in the process of fitting this gear.

Hope you can help.


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So long as you are happy to play MP3's from SD cards and not a CD, an RNS-E will do what you want. To make it easiest to play CDs it would be worth having a CD changer as well (the Audi one fits in the glovebox) - or not bother and just use SD cards (a 4GB SD card will hold the equivalent of over 30 CDs).

You need the version for a B6 A4, with a plug-and-play adapter to connect to the wiring already in your car - you don't say what radio you currently have. If it's a Symphony II then the RNS-E will fit into the same space, but if it's a Chorus II or Concert II then you will need to modify the centre console and climate control unit.

Since you want Bluetooth and are in the UK, your best bet is to PM craigyb. He has installed many RNS-E plus Bluetooth setups.

According to the latest compatibility list from Audi the Motorola Razr V3 is fully compatible, but the V3i and V3x won't synchronise any contacts on your SIM card with the RNS-E.
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