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Where can I get the North American DVD?

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Where can I get the Audi North American Disc W531247003 Version 1A? Best Price?
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PROXUS said:
Directly from NAVTEQ
Are they still selling directly anymore? I read a thread quite a while back that said you could only purchase from Audi now for about $400, instead of $199 at Navteq. Navteq is suppose to come out with an update in September though.
They sold tons of them and yes they supose to come up with update next month or so.
I looked on Navteq's web site and coudn't find anything on purchasing DVD's. All I could find was that you put in what car you had and it would come back with software updates. I tried inputting different models of Audi's with no result.
You need to call their Audi dept., there is nothing on the site.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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