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Where can I get a new wiring harness fast, for my setup?

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I'm getting a "v-signal no communication" error code with the VAG. I don't have time to trouble shoot and/or find the wire. I also believe that's the wire that was coming loose from when I originally bought the RNS-E kit. I tried soldering it, but it may have worked loose.

So I want to find someone that has one in stock and can send it to me at my hotel. I'm currently traveling so I'll need it sent here to Texas. I know that NSX JR found some problems with his pre-made harness, and corrected them. I want this in my new harness! Is there someone that can make me one and send it out? I'd like to have an extra wire coming from the CAN H/CAN L so I can hook up some quick connects for my Satellite Radio signals. I also know that there was some kind of a ground wire for the CD Changer that needed to changed around, I'd like that to be ready to go once I get the harness.

Is there some one that can make me a setup pretty quick and get it sent out?

Here's what I need:

2000 Audi S4 (B5)
Stock Bose
CD Changer
No Navigation

Let me know if there's any more information you need to complete the harness.
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So you could make me a harness for my setup?

What about the extra CAN H/CAN L so I can add some quick connects for the satellite radio and the CD Changer ground wire?
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