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When modifying the US DVD...

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and the US has a version of 020 but the EU RNS-E unit is version 080 what consequences, if any, will this have with the Nav unit and is it possible to incorporate the 080 EU version into the US DVD.
If there is anything else that I might need to know I would appreciate it.

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If you take the US DVD as basis and modify it as described, then the EU unit will not try to update its software. The changes were taken from the EU 0050 DVD, any EU unit which is at least SW 0050 will not try to update. If you have an EU unit which has a software version older than 0050 you should first update to 0100 and then use the patched US DVD.
Thank you very much and I assume then since the EU unit is 080 I should be ok. :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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