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Several years ago when I had my B6 A4, I purchased a complete Nav Plus system from Sky Tougas of Due to a lot of travelling for work, I never had the opportunity to install it...and have since bought an S4 and installed the RNS-E.

So I have a bunch of stuff that I no longer have any use for and I want to sell it all.

1) Nav Plus - 8E0-035-192 (with wiring harness and GPS antenna)

2) TMC CAN Gateway - 4B1-919-894-X (with harness; by part number, this seems to be for the B5...but Sky Tougas guaranteed me it would work because all it was doing was 'transferring' data to the cluster...and not actually functioning as a TMC unit - who knows...I never installed the system so I was never able to verify if this was true or not)

3) Video input interface box (no identifying labels or markings of any kind on the case...but when I pulled the case apart, I saw "Ventura Technology" on the circuit well as "AUDI-MB-VW")

So what are these items worth? Thanks in advance for any insight.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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