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What is this 8P0 862 335?

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Hello what is this?
What do i need to connect it on my rns-e?
Thank you ver much.
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It's certainly something for an A3 or A3 Sportback, something phone related I would guess...
Thank you

where can i find a list with al the parts are listed?
sorry for my english but i am italian.
thank you very much
You either have a friend with a VW/Audi parts catalog or Google for part numbers.

This was the first hit for your part number: click here
Something else?

Something else
Looks like it could be some part of the phone system for an A3.

I think you should ask you local friendly Audi parts person, or someone with access to ETKA.
it's the bluetooth module for the A3 phone system,
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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