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What is the correct DVD for the RNS-E?

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I have just received my A3 RNS-E Navigation Plus unit but unfortunately it did not come with the DVD.

I have had a look on ebay and there appear to be 2 different DVD's:

The first is is "Audi Navigation Plus (RNS-E)" which i think is the correct one.

The second looks simalar but has "Audi MMI" on the cover...

Can someone please confirm which is the correct one and do you know the part number?

Also does anyone know another source for these DVD's other than Audi Parts and Ebay?


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I think MMI disks are for the A8 systems, I had one with my RNS-E and it wouldnt read it.
Hardsy, are you still searching for the DVD of Europe? I can send you the DVD.

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