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What is needed for DVD?

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I am really happy with my RNS-E, now the fun part I would like to add an in-glovebox dvd player/tv tuner (found one that is nice that was mentioned on the board).
What I am looking for, is what items would I need to be able to hook up an external video/audio source to the NAV. I understand that there is also a Dietz adapter that allows for video in motion, what is the part #?
Lastly, are there any points of contact in the US where these items can be purchased?

Thanks for you help!
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For TV you need the videoadapter Dietz 1417.: is a good source.

On this forum use the search function, and you can find all the info you want! Foor CD: search for glovebox.

you will need a Dietz 1417 or similar to hook up an external video source..

for video-in-motion
if you have an 02+ A4 (B6/B7) or new A3 you will need a Dietz 1280 or similar (there is currently one for sale in the classified section)..
if you have an A6 or <01 A4 (B5) you can simply switch the GALA signal
in either case navigation will not work when activated..

i bought mine from Stefan (Germany), but that was before Lanny (BayrischerS4) became a US distributor.. i personally have dealt with both and have nothing but good words for both..

i dont believe Lanny or Stefan have the devices on their websites, you will need to email them directly (below)..

the install itself it pretty straight forward.. here is a link with some pics and additional links..

hope this helps..

Lanny in Chino Hills, CA
[email protected]

Stefan Lohmüller
NaviCenter Würzburg
[email protected]
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