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What does these two wire leads do?

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In this picture of the wiring harness for: Bose/CD/SAT. They're located near the top of the photo and they are Light Green & Brown, in this pix taken from

The reason I'm asking is I want a new wiring harness with 2 extra wire leads leaving the head unit for the CAN signal so I can easily connect the CAN connections for my OEM Satellite Radio.
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Without knowing what pins of the RNS-E they connect to it's impossible to tell - there is no "standard" for colour codes of cables in adapters.

There are 3 tel leads - mute, mic+ & mic- - so I'm not convinced they are the tel leads.

The only 2 flying leads I can think of are the A6 GALA & Reverse signals.

The only way to be sure is to ask navparts, anything else is just guessing.
I have a couple of these cables, they are the tel+, tel- and mute leads.

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