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Flashed RNS-E in an 05 S4

Both the instrument needles and the scales used to light with ignition on.
Now only the needles light with ignition ?

If door is opened, or interior light turned on, the scales light up ?
Door shuts, scales off ?

Once the headlights are turned on everything lights normally ?

Also noticed that the timed exterior courtesy lights (fogs and brake) work in any mode ?
They are only used to work in Auto light mode ?

Vag coding is correct (I Think) at:
STG 56/7 = 0301131
STG 17/10/62 = 21
STG 17/10/19 = 31000
If I recode to 11000, the needles alone will light
If I recode to 21000, the scales alone will then light as they should.
Set to 31000, scales fade away ? Open the door and the scales appear ?


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Situation Resolved >> Thanks to my sellers ( German Driver )

Here's the deal
I just took apart the kick panel, fuse cover and instr. cluster (did not
unhook cluster cables)
I looked around, checked connectors, I moved the Navi antenna further
forward and away from the cluster as far as possible.
I also noticed that my V1 radar detector power pac was resting against the
Light switch assembly just next to the fuse box.
I relocated that also and now everything looks normal :)
Needles and scales light with key on.
So I don't really know what fixed it but I think it could have been either
of the two things maybe causing an RF interference of some kind ?
I am not a rocket scientist though.

I hope it stays this way and that the other weird things are gone also.

Thanks for your help Scott (German Driver)
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