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We have all adapters for the RNS E

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we have all Adapters for the RNS E.

RNS E Adapter for your car

Antenna adapter

Antenna adapter with navi plus

adapter from SMB GPS to Fakra

TV Tuner cable for RNS E

When have you a question please tell me this.

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Ok I have a question.

I need to connect a bluetooth GSM kit to the RNS-E in Audi A3 sportback 2005 model. I believe Audi factory-fit the Cullmann VC4 basis with bluetooth card as the phone prep. If I can get one of these units do I need an adapter to connect it to the RNS-E DVD Nav?

you need only the RNS E Adapter with Freespeck integration.

And you must drive to audi dealer and he must the Navi Coding.

I can give the coding. Have You Bose?
I have Parrot CK300 and I want to connect it with RNS-E too.
I have Symphony II with Bose.

the coding for @scoobie is 205313

you can make it on the VAG Com too.
Thanks KUFATEC :)
Out of interest is the new A3 already prepared with telephone wiring for the Cullmann VC4 base unit or does it require your adapter?

yes you need a adapter.

How long do your orders take to reach the United States? I ordered last week. How soon can I expect my order?

Thank you,


we send to DHL. 1 - 2 Weeks.

We can send to GLS because it is very sheap.
WPX waht is this?

We can send to GLS or feedex.

Because the price for GLS is 40,90€ for 1kg it come in two days.
DHL WPX is World Parcel Express

its about 2-3 day shipping from door-to-door.

How much for FedEx shipping?
Diversity Aerial Adapter for Nav Plus

I'm looking for a Diversity aerial adapter Fakra to Zf for a Nav Plus (CD) shipped to the UK.

Do you have anything suitable at Kufatec?


Kufatec, can I order a custom built harness to fit a b5 with the bose symphony radio. I will be upgrading to the RNS-E and no Nav system has been previously installed
KUFATEC GmbH please reply. I am looking for an adapter to connect RNS-E to 2000 S4 with Symphony Radio. Do you have this adapter? the back of my current radio looks like this

Please reply.
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hello @ saatlast! yes we have the adapter.

a new memo:

yes our sending time was very lage. this is a problem with usa and a zoll.

we have now a new service we send with Fedex. We can send our produkts in 2 days in the USA without VAT.

Sorry because DHL is not a good Service.... :x
@ KUFATEC GmbH Sent you another PM, I don't see your email address anywhere... :p
Kufatec can be contacted at [email protected] but it sometimes takes a couple of days to get an answer...
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