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Wasn't the dogs fault

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I thank those who responded to my plight but you can stop working your heads to the bone to find a turns out that on the last hook-up of the many hook-ups I did last Friday I neglected to plug in the 26 pin connector!!! As my wooden friend Tom Wood says, "little things mean a lot sometimes". Hell, I'm amazed the thing even put up a map or speak to me with 26 connections not connected.

I was loathe to pull the unit out to check connections (and I was CERTAIN I had reconnected all of them) because there are so many wires with the plug and play, the XM ,and the video adaptor that to get the Nav unit to slide into place I have to pull the wood trim and the climate control so I can reach behind the unit and move wires out of the way. A pain on the ***.
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ouch....that's ruff. That's kinda a big oversight. Glad you did the due diligence to figure it out.

One other tip, the power button for the Nav+ is the round knob on the left hand side. If you get into your A8 and notice that the Nav+ isn't will have to press that button with your right index finger. Other tricks like that can be found in this forum (See quick links) and the owners manual. Ha!!!

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