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VW USB adapter for MP3 devices

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I just read that VW is going to offer an adapter to connect USB devices to the standard head units. The adapter is replacing the CD changer and it sounds similar to what the IceLink can do today. However, being universal USB, you could connect any USB media (from a 32MB key to a 80GB external harddisk) or even an iPod which sounds great. The question is: Did they remove the limit of 99 tracks or 5 playlists?

In any case, it does seem to be a real alternative to the Phatbox (sorry Ted :lol: )

Projected price is 195,- Euro, available later this year.
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You have too much spare time on your hands. Do you speak German too?

Keep in mind...once you go never go back. :lol: :lol:

I doubt that a little USB storage stick will offer you voice prompts or the same amount of capacity as the Pbox. To date, I think the biggest USB stick that I've seen is 1GB. If you follow Moore's Law (founder of Intel) then you can expect the capacities to increase every 18 months.

The USB stick is nice and convenient and user friendly.....but it won't hold your entire collection like the Pbox DMS (at 20GB+).

The Pbox can be found at for $160 and includes everything. This is the cheapest MP3 add-on that you'll find (and that's rare when you are dealing with OEM electronics). See my link below for my pbox install etc. my soap box. Ha!!
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Interesting link...especially the Sandstuckgirl Foto-Show. :)
TeddyBGame said:
You have too much spare time on your hands. Do you speak German too?
No doubt about the time :) and I speak German much better than English :lol:

I have an 80GB 2.5" USB drive and a 6GB iPod Mini, both are nothing else but USB "sticks". Taken you don't get the voice prompts but you have full access to the device and all songs on them.

The perfect solution would be a CAN connected device (for the song info, similar to how the XM/Sirius stuff works) but having another CDC emulator with USB support would be a first step.

Since Apple just announced the iPod Nano and also an Audi OEM adapter for the iPod, that adapter might be pretty much the same since the iPod is a normal USB MP3 player, isn't it?

It keeps being interesting...
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