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Video display (w/cd based nav plus)

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I have a video adapter hooked up to the Nav Plus and my XM radio is run through the video adapters audio input jacks. To play the XM the TV mode is selected. When I have the Nav Plus in video mode I have to look at thye navigation start up screen or turn the galea off and have a blank screen.

My question is: can anyone think of a way that I can use the video input to put up an image on the screen when I am in the TV mode listening to XM?
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sure, input something via the yellow video composite RCA plug in your aftermarket A/V interface. Easier said than done.

Some options:

1)If you can figure out a way to output the display from your aftermarket XM to a video source (250+ lines of resolution). I would find someone who is an electrical engineer with a specialization in video signals. This might be tough because most display units for sirius/XM products do not produce a composite video signal. You can also research to find any other mobile XM units that have video out...but I doubt you will find anything; there just isn't a market for it. I could be wrong though.

2) You could also try and hook up another type of aftermarket XM tuner (maybe a home version). I just did a quick check on are in luck, Polk (Polk Audio XRt12)
XM reference home tunermakes a home XM tuner with composite video output (I couldn't find a home sirius tuner that offered this capability). See link:

Some things you would need to consider in your installation:
- AC/DC converter to power this puppy
- I believe you have a 2001 A8, so you could fit this XM tuner below the rear deck (custom shelf) or somewhere in the drivers' side boot.
- Antenna that you can mount on the inside of your rear deck...or on the trunk (must be compatible with this unit etc.)
- Running RCAs (red/white/yellow) from trunk to dash area....just make sure to isolate them away from any power wires or you'll get engine noise/hum (this is standard operating procedure when installing car stereo components).
- IR repeater (something from should suffice)

Option 2 seems to be easier than 1. This sounds like a lot to accomplish but, if you want an aftermarket display

You should also consult these forums for more help:

That's it for me...I'm out of ideas.

Good luck!
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just hookup video to a dvd player and do a slide show, hook up the sound to xm of course.
infinityicube said:
just hookup video to a dvd player and do a slide show, hook up the sound to xm of course.
Yes, but he wants to have the XM display on the Nav screen. Which today, nobody sells a car XM tuner that has a video/RCA out (only the home unit that I described above).

Sure, If I had the room in my A6, I'd love to install a home 8-track player, LP and reel-to-reel player. Ha!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I can't wait to get my RNS-E installed; Mostly for the OEM Sirius tuner and the updated interface. Having the RNS-E, OEM Sirius, OEM PhatBox and Blaupunkt ME3 (via Dietz 1417) will be the ultimate setup. Now I just need to figure out how to install a digital cable antenna on my roof. :lol:

i think he has an after market xm radio so he probably has a display on the dash. he said he is using the tv portion of the nav to feed the audio and obviously gets a blank screen when he is listening to xm or switch to nav map (same as if we were watching a movie). i guess he's sick of looking at either a blank screen or the nav map.
Xm image

I don't need the XM station info displayed, I put the display in my ash tray to view when I need to. What I want to do is have either the XM logo or another image of my choice display on the screen when I listen to my XM. The XM is run by RCA cables through a video adaptor and I have to have the Nav in TV mode when I play XM , and in the TV mode I get an ugly blank screen.

I guess I can add the DVD player and make a DVD of an image(s) or logo that would play and display a static image. I would need a switch to switch the audio output between XM and DVD when I actually want to watch a DVD.
yes the dvd picture/slide show is the easier to achieve what you want. as for feeding audio from xm and dvd, just get a pair of splitter to split the audio inputs. you dont need a switch, when you watch dvd you will undoubtly have your xm off and when you listen to xm you wont be watching a dvd movie (slide shows don't have audio) so you will be fine.
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