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VAGCOM-Radio & Navigation Modules: Too Many Com Errors

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i was just wondering if anyone had encountered that kind of errors/problems before?

so i tried to code the Navigation and the Radio so that it would know the Nav had changed to the RNS-E, but i can't get in neither of the Controller windows... for both i get the same message as the one below...

when i run a scan this is what i get for both:

Address 37 (Navigation)
Note: Excessive Comm Errors

Address 56 (Radio)
Note: Excessive Comm Errors
now since i had to remove the TMC box of the RNS-D and "bridge"/reconnect the CAN High and Low wires back to the way they came stock, i'm wondering if the problems could be coming from a wrong connection at that level...

or could it be coming from the CDC wires which i haven't yet removed from the stock black connector... but i haven't yet looked closely into this particular, and i'm even wondering if the adapter has any plugs, meaning the wires from the CDC don't actually feed into anything...

i plan on re-installing the stock Symphony II unit and see what happens after that, but like i said i just wanted to see if anyone had run into such problems before...


note: i do get the Nav cluster screen, but right now it says at the bottom "No Map DVD" or something like that, and just display the compas as ">E<" or ">SW<" and so on... so even though i'm well aware the Avant isn't properly VAGed yet i'm kind of still wondering if i do have a working map DVD or not...
and i've got the same problem as everyone else, i need to quickly turn the Nav on and off to get the display in the cluster, although sometimes it just shows up... that's actually how i realised i was there, and no i had not turned the unit on and off before realising it was there...
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ha ha!

i also posted the info in the VAGCOM forum on AW and Theresias indicated that with a Ross-Tech KEY-COM interface, i should use the VAG-COM version: 504.1 instead of the one i'm currently using: 311.2...

i'm gonna give that a try tonight when i bring the desktop back down again and set it up by the Avant in the parking lot...

ah... the joy of not having a serial port on your laptop... :roll:

the adventure continues... :)

AudiA4B6US said:
AFAIK, the RNS-E (at least the C/E/P/R units) communicates with VAG-COM via the k-line. Which version of the VAG-COM cable and software and which interface are you using? Could it be that you did not move your k-line (sometimes also labeled L) to the correct pin after you reverted your connectors from the RNS-D back to the Symphony II HU?
i *think* the only 2 wires that were slices up were the CAN Low & High ones... we didn't have the proper tools and had to slice wires... not the best i know... but since these were the only 2 that had been sliced up i'm almost sure by "bridging" them i went back to the stock wiring...
if by updating to the newer VAGCOM version i'm still having these problems, then i'll for sure put the Symphony back in and see what kind of messages i get then.
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alright the problem came from the version of the VAG being too old...
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