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VAGCOM error

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I get the following error in VAGCOM..

00858 - Connection: Radio ZF output to antenna amplifier
011 - Open Circuit

I have only one "antenna" coax connection to my RNS-E... Should I have two? I have a A4 B6 Avant, with the aerial on the right hand side back window...

Any clues?
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Thsi means that the diversity antenna is not connected. What radio did you have before upgrading to the RNS-E? Symphony II and Concert II have the diversity antenna, the Chorus II doesn't. The RNS-E will work with just the HF antenna used by the Chorus but you will continue to see the error with VAG-COM.
In this case I don't think you have a ZF antenna in your car... so it should read "open circuit". I don't think there is a way to code the RNS-E for non-diversity operation because from the factory I believe any vehicle with the RNS-E also has the GPS/GSM/diversity antenna setup.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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