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please help i have installed an rns-e system in my 2004 A4 Avant 2.5tdi and i works great but i do not have the display on the instrument cluster, which i believe i need to re-program using a vag-com. I have tried to connect my vag-com to the car but when i click the test button to test the connection it says port status ok interface not found. can anyone please let me know of any possible solutions
many thanks :?
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What kind of interface and which software version? Did you ever use your cable/software before?
hi thank for the reply, i think it is me being stupid!!. I have just looked at the vag-com and i have downloaded the wrong software version, I am just in the process of downloading the right one.
thanks again :oops:
hello how much did you spend for the vagcom interface?
Do you have the right software?
can you change the configuration with this software?
Thank you
hi sorry for the delay in replying i have been away for a couple of days.I bought the vag-com from ebay it cost £28.42 inc postage and took about 4 days to arrive, the software is downloaded free from and it works fine it will allow me to see the info but not make any changes until i register the vag-com which i believe is $99, i will be regisering it when i get back from my holidays in a few weeks.I am very confident that it will allow me to change the settings that i need. :D
Hi, I have a RNS-D (CD based Nav) and have installed a TMC. I need to know the modules and values I need to VagCom to see the Nav info in the Display. I have a 2001 A6 and have to take it to the dealership so I'm going to try and see if they can VagCom the correct settings for me. I've looked on here but everything these days seems to be geared towards the Thanks, Phillip
The instrument cluster coding for STG 17 mentioned here for the RNS-E applies to the RNS-D as well. Only the coding on 56/37 is different.
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