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I wonder if anyone can advise me

I have fitted a second hand European RNS E to my 2003 A6 2.5 tdi Avant Quattro, which is on a C5 Platform. It works well, however took about half an hour of driving to self calibrate, which is the only way I can describe it (I have not seen anyone describe this on the site), this happened only after the unit was first fitted then again when I removed it today to make some adjustments, after that it works fine. (this is the oly time this hapens after it starts working it never happens again unless I remove the unit and its power supply) I used my new Vag Com tool to reset the cluster and I get all the info up on the cluster. I dont think the CALA wire is connected and I am reluctant to fit it as I am not sure if a) I dont know if I need to fit it or b) if I do what terminal to connect it to. I also cannot get the Vag Com to find the RNS E, all I get from the Vag come is a windows warning advising that it could not make the connection. The unit works well the speed of refreshment seems good but I have nothing to compare it with as this is my first ever Navigation Unit in a car.

I have no faults when I have run the autoscan in the Vag Com selection

If you can help I would appreciate it

Thanks Tom Aberdeenshire Scotland 8)

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Thank Dirk

I have noted that plug "B" is is missing from my harness which came with the sat nav, I have ordered a nw one so hopefully that will resolve my problem. Can anyone advise does the Gala wire get connected to pin 7 the BOSE connection? see my plug details for plug "B"

B. EXT Control Connector
1 - Most Ring break
3 - V-Signal (ist aber nur bei einem 4B0.... RNS-E verwendbar)
4 - U14R-2
5 - K-Line
6 - CDC-Data out
7 - BOSE Pin
8 - CDC-NF links IN
9 - CDC-NF rechts IN
10 - U14 ST CDC
11 - CDC -Data IN
12 - CDC- Data CLK

Thanks ahgain

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