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so as i'm reading the "VAG Codes for RNS-E" post, i've noticed that the settings for Channel 7 are to display miles, am/pm times and MM:DD:YYYY dates (assuming TT = DD)...

AudiA4B6US said:
Here are some, not complete and not verified.

All information are translated from Sebastian Stange's excellent pages at Please check there for updates. Some US settings may not work with the Euro RNS-E.

-> Channel 007 (Settings)
+01 - Distance in miles
+02 - Speed in mph
+04 - time in am/pm
+08 - Date in MM:TT:JJJJ
+16 - Repeat voice commands
now what if i what km, 24hr clock and dd/mm/yyyy or even better dd/mmm/yyyy... should i just leave the settings as they currently are, and unfortunately right now i don't actually know what they're, or change them to some other settings?

i did check Sebastian Stange's page but didn't see anything related to that...

any info would be very much appreciated indeed!

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hum... nevermind... :roll:

i should have read radef's instructions more carefully...

Channel 7 selects various things...Add up the follow numbers to achieve your desired settings...

+1 Distance in miles

+2 Speed in MPH

+4 Time in 12 hour format

+8 MM/DD/YYYY date format

So a value of 15 is 1+2+4+8 which gives all of the above items selected. If you prefer 24 hour format, enter 1+2+8 = 11.
so i guess i should enter 0 and see what i get...
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