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VAG-COM compatibility

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I retrofitted an RNS-E into my B6 S4, and I'm about to buy a VAG-COM to finish the job. Do I need to get the +CAN version in order to get the most out of the RNS-E or is the Dual-K interface going to do it all?

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On a B6 you DON'T need the +CAN version, on a B7 you would.
correct you do NOT need CAN for B6..

i need to upgrade my cable from an old TWIN-COM, and am thinking about getting the CAN one for future needs (if i get a new car) or to be able to help other VW/Audi friends??..
Thanks guys. I was also considering getting the +CAN version in case of future need, but right now I cannot justify paying the extra $100. Looks like Ross-Tech offers an upgrade for $179 up the CAN version, which I might do down the road if my next car is also an Audi.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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