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Hi guys,

I've tried searching and can't find exactly what I am after but apologise in advance if this is a repost.

I have a B6 TQ and am retroffiting a RNS-E. I am after the required VAG COM settings given the following:

*Bi-colour (red/orange) DIS (Section 17 Adaption Ch 62, Value = 21)
*235/40/18 Tyres (Section 37, Adaption 10, Ch 1, Value = 1967)
*Southern hemisphere (Section 37, Adaption 10, Ch 10, Value = 1)
*Driver sits on RHS (Section 37, Adaption 10, Ch 136, Voice Commands = 2632-RHD Europe)

Am I looking at this wrong, ie should I just be looking at adding/subtracting figures or absolute figures?

I have the glove-box mounted OEM 6 disc CD changer - do I need to set values for this in VAG COM? If so, where/how?

I have a Motorola bluetooth carkit which currently uses the phone mute on my Chorus - I assume I don't need to change any phone settings given that this is a basic aftermarket bluetooth kit that will just mute the RNS-E and nothing more?

Also, I don't have a multi-function steering wheel (3 spoke sport steering wheel, no buttons). What section and value should I be setting?

Is there anything else that I am missing?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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