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VAG-COM and SAT receiver

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Did you guys know that the SAT receiver (XM or Sirius) can be accessed via VAG-COM on address 0F? I didn't know this until today when I did a full scan and saw it listed. Or wasn't it there in earlier versions of VAG-COM? Anyway, that's much easier than pulling the trim to get the receiver out and check what part number it is :lol:
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I wonder if anything can be changed or recoded so it would/could display more ID tag information?
There was no coding/adaptation in 0F, therefore I don't think there is anything you can change with VAG-COM. But at least it shows the part number, firmware version and Audi serial number.
I think this is only for cars with CAN diagnostics... since my car only has K-line I don't think there's any way for VAG to communicate with the SAT tuner...
My B6 has no CAN diagnostics either and the SAT receiver is only connected to the Infotainment CAN, not the k- or L-wire. Sebastian said that they added this a while ago to the auto-scan list. That's propably why I haven't seen it in the past (and I don't do full scans regularly).
Wow, that's cool that the vag can even communicate with it then...
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