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Using two hands free kits at the same time?

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Might sound strange but I'm still trying to figure out how to get OnStar and the phone interface working at the same time. My last post on this subject remained without answer, therefore I'm trying to rephrase the question, maybe someone has an idea now.

I already have the Mute, NF+ and NF- pins used by OnStar. Not sure if it's the OnStar itself of the Motorola phone prep which comes with it. Anyway, the first question is whether or not I can connect two phone kits parallel to the Mute, NF+ and NF- pins. Anybody tried this already?

The other question is, did anybody ever see a connector like this:
It's below the center armrest and supposed to connect to the V60 harness. Does this look like a standard Motorola plug? I would like to use the GSM antenna and 12V+/GND which I expect to be one of the 8 pins in this plug.

Comments? TIA
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