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US RNS-E for around $3000

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a personal friend of mine who's the parts manager at Clair told me that they can order both the 8E0 035 192 E (A4/S4/RS4) and 4B0 035 192 R (A6/RS6/Allroad) for $3700 to the customer. I just spoke with him today and he said there is one person from NY that has one on order for $3700(anyone here?). if anyone is interested in one of these units i can get them from Clair for around $3000. send me a PM
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Just spoke with them yesterday. They quote me $2889 + tax I guess.
If I remember good those units are on backorder, right?
i believe that is the price for the old DIS nav not the RNS-E or the person u talked confused it with something else. u can try to call them again and see what they say, who knows maybe they just changed it in the last 24hrs.
I didn't ask about nav....I said that I'm looking for part # 8E0 035 192 E which is US version RNS-E. They found it and quote me that price.
I wouldn't be supriced if they changed it if they are on backorder.
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