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Hi guys,

I have a question. Currently I have 2 US A3 systems (H70 / SW 0040), which needs to be updated to the 0450 EU Software.

Ofcourse I'm familiair with updating etc. but only EU->US instead of US->EU.

I hope someone is able to tell me how to perform a FULL upgrade (I would rather not see a -X- in my SW id).

These are the specs of the A3 system:
- SW 0040
- HW 0070
- Map Database Index: NN0312
- HU/Navi SW Version: V222020A
- Boot Version: V220100D
- Audio SW Version: A2220126-110205

I guess Dirk knows what I should do. All the needed software and hardware is available to create an update disc, I just need to know which version numbers I should use and from which DVD I should copy the upgrade data.

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