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I managed to return my RNS-E to the standard EU 0080 configuration.
If you remember, my version number was previously "X---".

In Engineering Mode, I noticed my Nav version was V220028C, but my
audio version was A2220109. Now, 220... is EU, and 222... is USA. No
wonder it was confused!

Since my radio still incremented in 9khz and 1mhz per step, it hadn't
fully upgraded to the EU firmware. It just changed the version number.

I figured out (by looking at LOADING.KWI - parts look like some kind
of script) that the RNS-E triggers an audio firmware update by
comparing its current version (which is shown under Engineering mode)
with the name of the MOT file. If the MOT file has a larger number
after A220 or A222, it updates.

I made a SL DVD with the EU 0080 files, but had to use the 0050 files
for the index files, ALLDATA.KWI, and VOICEDAT.KWI, since I didn't
have those for 0080. I renamed the A2200087.MOT file to A2200110.MOT,
because my RNS-E thought it was at A2220109.

I inserted the DVD, and it upgraded. When complete, it went blank and
rebooted. OOPS! It upgraded a second time, because the name of the
MOT file was still greater than the actual version. This time, I
ejected the DVD as soon as it rebooted.

My map display still has missing streets, but now I'm ready to
upgrade from an unmodified EU 0100 DVD.

I assume you could use this procedure to upgrade your EU units to the
US audio firmware, but I'd only try it if I really needed AM radio.
I'm convinced the hardware IS specific to Europe or USA, so I don't
think you will ever be able to reflash one to the other.

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