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Upgraded from EU firmware to US firmware!

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I did the upgrade on Friday (thank you AudiA4B6US for the information on the radio code, you were right, it was not needed).

Everything went very smoothly and I am not also using the 2006 US maps.

Not sure if this is a new thing or if it was available before and I didn't know it, but I love how when you get close to your turn, the left side of the screen changes from showing you written directions to a zoomed in map of the upcoming turn. I thought I read it was available before but it never worked right or something...either way, I love it. :)

I do like the new colors a lot better then before.

It's great having the N, S, E, W when inputting a direction...that was my biggest problem before and I ended up in the wrote spot quite a few times.

The clock at the bottom is nice, much better then a crossed out TMC. :)

It seems to inform you of what to do much further in advance which is great. Before, it would say "Now make a right" right when I got to the turn and I would be in the left lane. Having everything in FT is also much better then yards.

Although it did this before, it only did it I would say 1/3 of the time...whereas now it seems to do it 100% of the time. I'm referring to telling you on which side of the road the destination is on...very useful to know 100% of the time.

Now a couple of things...

I've heard something abougt a MUTE button? How does this work? If I press the power button, it just shuts off the unit...doesn't mute it.

The radio doesn't seem to be working correctly. It only shows one radio station on the screen at a time (not a list) and the reception is very very poor...much worse then before the changeover.
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The Mute button exists only in the Euro 0330 or newer software.

For you radio reception, make sure that the antenna is connected properly. For the one station you can receive, is the station name listed properly? Can you step FM in 0.2MHz steps and AM in 10kHz steps? If not you may still have the Euro radio software loaded, which doesn't work well together with the US navi software.
Yes the FM stations change by 0.2MHz and 10MHz in AM.

Prior to the update, it used to show a list of stations but now it only shows one station on the screen. I did not change anything else other then the software upgrade, the unit was not pulled out from the dash.

Any other ideas?
Can you VAG-COM it or go into engineering mode to see if the tuner gets a signal?
I don't have a VAG-COM and I don't know how to get into engineering mode but I don't doubt that it is getting a signal...I mean the radio does work, I can hear it and the reception isn't totally bad...just not nearly as good as the reception I've tested out on an A4 at the dealership wtih RNS-E. Also the problem with a list of stations not being shown, not sure what is up with that.
Can you pull the RNS-E to check if the antenna adapter is still connected? I know you said you did nothing but the software update but without checking it may be difficult to help.

To get into Engineering Mode, press the upper left MMI button for 5-10 seconds, the press and hold the upper right MMI button until the screen changes.
I'll check it out when I get my hands on some radio removal keys, I don't have any. :(

I thought maybe someone else had ran into it and had an idea what was going on. It's not that big of a deal as I literally never listen to the radio, so no big rush.

On a side note, the "Accept" warning messege isn't as annoying as I thought it would be. I thought the sound wouldn't come on until after you press it, which would have been very annoying...but it's not so bad.

What is annoying is how you have to "Accept" when messing with the navigation while that is stupid.
I noticed a lot of interference when I first installed my RNS-E. Lot's of static on staions that always used to come in strong. After about a week or so however, they all cleared up without any intervention from me. I did reset the unit, but that didn't immediately do anything.

I do still have a tuning problem (increments by .1 and 9 in fm and am respectively) and displays garbage for all of the stations on the initial screen, but I am hoping running the 2006 upgrade will solve this.

Have you had it installed long?
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