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Thanks to all information and knowledge that I acquired in this Forum, I did today upgrade from Symphony II to RNS-E (EU) and Bluetooth Parrot Kit in Audi A3 Sport 2.0 from November 05.

Parts needed:
RNS-E (8P0 035 192 A)
RNS-E Connector, from Connexx (all connections was OK, I double check with NSX JR documentation).
Antenna adaptor, from Kufatec

The installation was quite simple; I just follow instructions from NSX JR (special thanks for your excellent documentation in your site
Remove Symphony II; connect RNS-E adaptor and antenna adaptor to RNS-E.
Remove glove box and install GPS antenna and Bluetooth Parrot Kit.
Apparently my car doesn’t need K-Line and Alarm GNR because those connections don’t appear in car connections (connector III).
After all plug in I just turn on RNS-E and it works!

The RNS-E came with DVD navigation 8P0 919 884 H but I just bought new version 8P0 919 884 J.
After insert new DVD system did software upgrade (5 min) and reboot twice.
Now I have SW 0450.

VAG-COM Codes:
I did not change anything with VAG-COM yet. Apparently the system works OK!
Interesting was the fact that Navigation information appear in DIS (after 2 hours), also radio information and mp3 it’s OK.
I will check (and change if necessary) the Vag codes when I get original cable.

BT its working fine. When receive a call mute the radio and appear in DIS information “Phoneâ€.

I’m quite happy with the system; so far it’s working very well. I definitely recommend this system. :p

Once again thanks to all forum members that help me I my questions. :wink:
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