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Upgrade from RNS-C to RNS-E

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I recently got an AVIC-D1, but since I won't get the OEM look and the metra kit is unavailable, I'm thinking of going with an RNS-E unit. I currently have an RNS-C unit installed on my 2002 Audi A4 and had a couple of questions.

Is it difficult/impossible to upgrade from RNS-C to RNS-E?
Can I use the pre-existing GPS antenna with the RNS-E unit?
Am I able to use the RNS-C controller (located above the cigarette lighter adapter) with the RNS-E?
Whats the latest RNS-E unit I should purchase? J Revision?
Most importantly, after installation on average how much have you spent installing the RNS-E?
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Try using the search - all your questions have already been answered MANY times.
I very much doubt that you have an RNS-C, I would say RNS-D on a 2002 car, unless someone fitted it for you that is. RNS-C were pre 2000/1 cars.

D to E is very straight forward as long as you have the correct connectors for the diversity cable etc.

Have nose around the forums.

He probably has the factory nav that only appears in the DIS, which uses NAVI-C CDs. I believe that system was available all the way up to 2004 in the U.S.

To answer the questions:
1. No, it's not difficult. You'll need to disconnect the CAN wires that go from the cluster to the nav unit in the trunk. Other than that, it's the same.
2. Yes, you can use the pre-existing antenna, but most don't. It's much easier to put a new antenna under the dash than it is to run the wire to the back of the car.
3. No, it doesn't use the same controller.
4. Read about the different RNS-E revisions and decide for yourself.
5. Installation is easy. If you insist on not doing it yourself, it shouldn't cost more than $150 or so.
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