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Upgrade advice please !

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice please, I hope you guys can help..

At present I have :-

A4 Saloon 2004, with CD Navi + (this was upgraded by a local ICE company from stereo that the car came with (concert ?))
With a DVD player in the glove box (connected via a dietz interface) and a Phatbox in the boot.

I want to upgrade to a DVD RNS-E and I'm just wondering what problems I might encounter ?

I have bought a "plug and play" lead from kufatec - will I need anything else ?

Will the Phatbox plug straight into the DVD RNS-E ?

I think that I might need a new differnt Dietz interface - can anyone confirm that ?

I *think* that I will have the following left over:-

1 x CD Navi + Head Unit
1 x TMC Unit
1 x Dietz converter

Also, there is a small "blaupunkt" labeled interface box bundled up in the wiring behind the head unit - anyone any idea what it might be ? (TMC ?)

I appreciate any comments or feedback you might have to help me along the way :)
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with the B6 all you need is the kufatec adaptor, GPS aerial (you already have?), double din (you already have?)... it should be a simple swap out...

Oh yeah, also need the DVD map!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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