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Updated to 110 software with just the files.

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All seems to be working well.

The software update went flawlessy.

As far as coding on the RNS-E, The only phone options I could use were 1 or 6. Nothing else would take.

Coding on the phone module currently sits at 0010777.

That seemed to work the best. That allows the BT Icon to show. (It didn't show before but still connected and had the signal meter)

It also allows the Phone module to read the phonebook and received / dialed calls off of my Treo 650.

The only hang up I am experiencing is I am not able to actually dial with the RNS-E yet. It says dialing and then hangs up. The call is never connected.

Any ideas there?

The new firmware still shuts of the RNS-E when turniing off the key. :(
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Updated to 110 software with just the files
i just wanted to clarify that you were able to update just the software without the new map??.. similar to updating the the EU units from 0060 & 0080 to 0100..

yes no new map required - PROXUS confirmed this.
Which Bluetooth unit model are you using ("B", "C", "D", etc)? Thanks.
I am using the B model. Still no luck dialing out with my Treo 650. I am going to try a different 650 and a Razr today.
I used the coding you provided 0010777 and now I have Bluetooth icon on lower bar. I had 0000777 before. I have B module as well and I can make calls / receive them / see caller ID but phonebook is not transfered for some reason. I have i-mate JAM windows phone. Maybe this is my problem.
But it could be coding of my RNS-E which is currently on "6" instead of "2"
Imate JAM is probably your issue, for testing I would use a nokia or SE normal phone, not a PDA type.

PROXUS said:
...But it could be coding of my RNS-E which is currently on "6" instead of "2"
I don't think that is the problem since it works for me and I have mine coded with "6" as well.
I have had many bluetooth connection problems with several Windows-based mobile phones (Moto MPx220, Imate JAM, Audiovox 5600) Phonebook transfer will not work with windows OS. I have an 06 A6 with factory bluetooth and phonebook transfer has yet to work unless using a "standard" phone (Moto Razr should be fine) I only get limited functionality with the Windows-based phones compared to normal phones. I have yet to try a Treo, but would guess will have similar problems. The only bluetooth car I have been able to tranfer a contact to is in a OEM Lexus system. You can "beam" a single contact at a time, but only if there is just 2 lines of data (ex: HOME, 555-5555) As soon as you put addresses, emails, etc, the car systems do not know what to do with the extra info.
I can vouch for the Treo 650 working fully. The issues I was having before were due to hacked firmware on the 650 itself.
I think it's important to mention that functionality may be different between HW70 (US "F" or Euro "D" units) and older systems. Even when using the same software. I have an US "E" and will shortly give the "B" phone interface and US sw 0110 a try with my Treo 650.
just as I posted in other post...

I did tested my setup with Razor V3 and full functionality is shown.
I can call any nymber from SIM card and memory of last calls, missed calls id used direct from Razor.

I guess my PDA phone wasn't NAVI friendly enough ;)

I will post some pictures in REVIEW later
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