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Updated, but still need Help!! No map or routing availble???

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Update, I swapped the GALA wire from the incorrect BOS wire on the RNS to the actual V GALA connector. I now have MPH and speed pulses in the engineering menu but still no map or routing abilities!!??
Could it have something to do with my nav DVD?? It reconizes it fine :shock:

I have the EU RNS-E with the updated 100 software. I am using the patched us DVD. When I go to map all I get is a white blank screen with a blue arrow for me that does move however when I'm driving, and when I click on nav info it says that the route guidance it not active. My location does change and I am picking up between 6 and 8 satellites. When I try to enter a route I can pick country (different state groups), city, and street, but when I try to enter the street number and press OK it doesn't do anything. I also tried entering a hotel location and I can get to set as destintion, but then it starts over again to enter country, etc...when I press OK :oops: :twisted:

Anyone have any ideas?
I bought the navtec dvd that is stickied somewhere, and modified the files to the EU ones. I tested a SL first and it was fine, then I burned the DL full DVD.

Oh and one more thing the can bus works fine as I can see the info in the display, radio is fine, lights all work when I turn headlights on. I followed the stickied allroad install to the "t". :D
The only thing I am not 100% sure of is connecting the GALA wire to the nav unit. According to the sticky I connect it to pin 1 of the 8 pin connector which in my harness connect to the "Bose" input of the Nav. I am pretty sure thats what it said. And I think that the V wire was # 3 on the Nav unit, but that spot on my adapter was empty. The Gala for the radio seems to work though???

I am on a road trip from PA to WV and was hoping to have this working.

System sw 100
HW Index H44
Map Data NN0312
HW/Nav SW V220033E
Boot Ver V220100D
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