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UK newbie who is about to order a new A3

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Firstly hello and a big thank you to everybody here who has contributed to making the thought of retrofitting a RNS-E system a possibility (for me at least!).

OK so I have come across these forums and I have read and tried to digest as much of it as possible but I do apologise if I go over old ground. As per the title I am about to order an new A3 (2.0 TDI DSG S-Line with Symphony II and multifunction steering wheel among other options) through a car broker as they offer cars from an as yet unamed UK Audi dealer at approximately 10% off list prices (if anyone Knows a cheaper way I would love to hear from you). Undoubtedly like many others here I really want the RNS-E system but seriously object to paying the £2,175 price!

I came across Bah35uk's website (before it was taken down) about how he converted the Concert II head unit etc and have to take my hat off to him for being so brave with his new car.

After reading the dummies guide here I am considering retrofitting a RNS-E. I have two concerns namely getting the gps antenna behind the instrument cluster. Does this involve taking it apart or can I just shove the antenna through from the console? Secondly I understand that if I want the DIS to be fully functional I need to have access to VAG-COM which I understand consists of a cable and a Windows laptop (I've only got a Mac!). Unfortunately the location of those extremely helpful indivuduals is not particularly convenient for me in Bromley (SE London). Does anyone know of either a private individual or business (as I am prepared to pay either way) that could assist with the VAG-COM and/or the actual installation.

Finally the bluetooth option (but without the phone cradle) is just what I want but after reading the entire 25 page thread on this issue I do think that this installation is beyond my capabilities. Would an Audi dealer do this work and not fit the cradle as per the factory option?
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First of all let me say that Audi would need to change the wiring loom to do this work for the telephone. And it would cost you a shed load of money.

The phone kit on the A3 is hard to install as it can only really fit under the passenger seat. Once you've run the cbales and positioned the module, tapping in the 7 connections is not difficult and running the mic loom is tricky but again not impossible.

Find a local VAG user with the latest version as it contains the long coding helper for the A3's (very useful when coding) There is a VAG com user database with local people in your area available.

The GPS receiver for the A3 can fit just above the RNS-E unit itself, there is a hole in the radio cage about 4" square that goes right up to the top of the dash and I pop them in that gap, they work great.

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I was going to buy my car from a broker, but as it turned out the dealer matched the proce to get the business...

Give me a shoout if you need any tips on the install.
Hi to both of you. It comes as no surprise after reading these forums that you are both able to help.

Unfortunately it looks like the bluetooth option will have to be knocked on the head as the install is way too much for me and I am not aware of anyone offering this service even relatively locally.

On a brighter note I have found the Vag com user database and there two people, one in Kent and one in London, who might be able to help me.

Am I right in thinking that if I get my RNS-E unit from someone who can code it for my car the only thing that will not work is the DIS at least until I find that helpful chap with a VAG com? Also is there a good reason why I should buy either the A or F suffix 8PO 035 192 RNS-E unit over the just the plain old 8PO 035 192 if the voice command feature is not important, given the above, to me?

The space above the RNS-E unit sounds perfect (for me) for the GPS receiver by the way do you use a specific model (if so please advise) as I thought I read on here that these receivers were just long cables that should not be coiled.

I would definitely prefer to buy my A3 from my local(ish) dealer but down here I do not seem to be able to get the same sort of percentage discount that the broker is offering.

Thanks again
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I have an A unit in stock I can let you have, PM me for details.

Obviously I can code it for your car before I send it and supply the correct cables for your car, I could even build the telephone harness into the cable for you so you can just position it in the car.

As far as VAG goes, you need to change 3 entries on the CAN gateway, using the latest VAG com then this is easy, select the CAN gateway and using the RECODE facility and the long coding helper, select the options you need. Navigation & Telephone, once you have ticked these and removed Radio, a new long code number is generated, recode the gateway with the new number. Make a note of the old number before you do it.

Hi Craigyb did you get my PM?
I have very limited experience in comparison with some on this forum, but thought I would mention that my DIS worked first time on my A3 install, without any coding changes. I'm still in the process of the install (power problems - see separate post), but the GPS unit does fit neatly above the unit in the A3, as mentioned by Craig, and also my Nokia Bluetooth kit that was in the Symphony wiring loom works fine as well - obviously no MMI screen capability though.

Hi Nick,

Interested to note that you did not have to do anything else, to have a fully functional DIS, other than the install itself which by the way did you find it easy to complete? Also where did you get your RNS-E unit/cables etc from?

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