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Hello All,

I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out
I recently purchased a Dietz adaptor for my D-Navi
I actually plugged the Dietz to the back of the Nav+ a few weeks ago but never connected power to it untill yesterday when i finally programmed the Nav w/ Vag-com ..then i connected power to the Dietz and then hooked up a video source just to try it out...problem is i cant get the video to go....when i hit the Radio/Cd/Tv button on my Nav+ it only switchs between the Radio and cd modes and doesn't go to TV
I went to the hidden menu (AS + Down Arrow) to make sure i programmed it correctly...It said "No Connection" for Tv Tuner, so im pretty sure i programed it correctly because it use to say "Not Coded"

Here's the strange part of the story....while flipping threw one of the hidden menus(Holding Tone button down for 10 sec) in the Nav+ i some how got the video to show up on the screen!...but the audio wasn't from the dvd i was playing, it was actually radio(probably because the hidden menu i was in was for tuner testing) the video was up.. except that it kept popping up a screen saying that while driving it is not safe to watch video or something like that(i was parked), i tryed my best to get the sucker to work but i had no luck, sometimes when i would finally get the video up it would be a little scramled and distorted and other times it would be crystal clear...but no matter what i did i could never get the Nav+ to switch to video just by pressing the Radio/cd/tv button or get audio to play

If someone could help me out it would be really great...The dietz cable wasn't very cheap($220 New) and i would really like to get it to work
Am i over looking anything? Any suggestions would help out a lot

Thanks alot
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