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I recently tried to install a TV tuner (B version) in a A4 B6 with RNS-D. I connected all cables and adaptors which I bought from Kufatec.When I finished installation I could see "snows" in the screen and hear only noise because I have not connected the antennas.Besides signal,I was expecting to see something to show me that TV tuner works,e.g to access the settings menu by pressing the right knob.Although I tried many times nothing happened.I tried to Vag the tv tuner following the instructions in and I think I did everything ok.I had only to change (as I think) the value in channel 7 under Navigation Tab (in Recoding) from 0 to 4 as my only option is Tv-tuner and 0 was the value I first found when I accessed the setup.Accessing channer 57-TV TUNER I could therefore see that tv tuner was found by VAG-COM.Is there anything in "Recode" that I have to change?

Again nothing changed.....I suppose regarding the absence of the antennas that I could be able to access the settings menu.

Any ideas why this is happening?Do i have to do anything else with VAG COM.
FYI I also have a cdchanger but this option is under "adaptation-10" in RADIO tab of the VAG-COM....

please advise......
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