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tv tuner in rns-e

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hi guys,
sorry for the stupid question....
i just got my brand new a4 with rns-e and bose system...the fact is that i forgot to order the tv tuner!
now, by searching in ebay, can i just buy this unit with the original cables and maybe just plug and play? what about antennas?
if yes, do i have to look for a specifical unit number?

sorry again for this newbie questions....


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You only can use the C-version: 4D0 919 146 C Analogue PAL/NTSC OEM TV Tuner (only confirmed with EU units).

Think about what you want and can use in Italy: this Audi Tuner is a analogue tuner. In Europe a lot of countries are switching towards digital. When you can receive digital TV for free in the US you can use the Dietz DVB-T Tuner 1490 with Dietz IMU 1450 Intelligent Multimedia Control Unit. When you need a subscription (using a smartcard) you have to buy the Hirschmann CarTV unit.
The Dietz digital tuner won't work in the US as we have ATSC instead of DVB-T.
If you add the Audi TV tuner to an RNS-E then you need to upgrade the Antenna amplifiers And the diversity switcher to TV/radio combined units. The ones in your car wll be radio only. This can be quite complex and expensive. You need to feed the 4 antennas to the TV module.

correct about not working in the US, but this guy is telling he's living in Italy...
ok, thanks, as i supposed.....
i think i'm gonna change my mind for a dvd reader with dietz adaptor...

anyway, thanks, i'm also working on the voice control activation with my dealer, if i have any news i'll let you know immediatly.

bye, ciao
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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